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Antisocial behaviour ruling could halt anti-abortion protests outside clinics, 13th October 2017

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Ealing Council makes landmark move in fight to stop pro-life campaigners harassing women outside west London abortion clinic, 11th October 2017

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Labour MP Rupa Huq Wants A Change In The Law To Stop Protests Outside Abortion Clinics, 26th September 2017

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RCOG and FSRH publish manifesto for general election 2017, 4th May 2017

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Abortion Rights Campaigners Say It’s “Extremely Worrying” That Anti-Abortion Protesters Used Facebook Live Outside A Clinic, 14th February 2017

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Women’s groups are renewing calls to enforce protest “buffer zones” around abortion clinics, The Pool, 13th October 2016

Women’s Groups Put Fresh Pressure On Government To Crack Down On Anti-Abortion Protesters, Buzzfeed, 12th October 2016

Abortion Charities Call For “Buffer Zones” To Prevent Aggressive Protests Outside Clinics, Buzzfeed, 6th October 2016

Cathy Newman: What happened the day I confronted a zealous anti-abortion protester, Telegraph, 5th October 2016

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NHS sends vulnerable women to a pregnancy advice service run by anti-abortion fanatics, Mail on Sunday, 2nd October 2016

No one should have to run this gauntlet: Channel 4 News presenter on the pressure women face from the growing anti-abortion movement, Mail on Sunday, 2nd October 2016

Anti-abortion campaigner John Preston fined over Tasmanian protest, ABC News, 27th July 2016

‘Great relief’: Anti-abortion protesters respecting new ban outside clinic, CBC News, 14th July 2016

Victoria abortion protest laws fast tracked, SBS, 2nd May 2016

Petition demanding protesters to keep their distance from abortion clinics reaches 160,000 signatures, Independent, 19th January 2016

People on a London street have been locked in conflict with abortion protesters for two years, BuzzFeed, 13th January 2016

New Buffer Zones petition for abortion clinics, December 2015

Selfish anti- abortion protesters must be stopped from hurting British women, Telegraph, 28th October 2015

Isn’t it time we banned anti-abortion protesters from health centres, The Huffington Post, 28th October 2015

Rise in ‘anti-abortion protests’ in England and Wales, BBC News, 26th October 2015

Anti-abortion protests outside clinics rise, BBC News, 26th October 2015

Here’s how anti-abortion protesters are targeting GP clinics, BuzzFeed, 8th September 2015

Yvette Cooper proposes protest-free buffer zones outside abortion clinics, New Statesman, 10th August 2015

Public figures write to Jeremy Hunt to demand protection for abortion clinics under threat, BHA, 27th July 2015

Bernadette Smyth: anti-abortion protester wins appeal, BBC news, 29th June 2015

Establish buffer zones around abortion clinics to protect women from protesters, say MP’s, Independent, 24th June 2015

100,000 call for anti abortion protesters to back off, bpas blog, 13th March 2015

Do abortion clinic buffer zones violate freedom of speech? The Week, 4th March 2015

120,000- signature petition calls for protesters to ‘back off’ abortion clinics, Swindon Advertiser, 4th March 2015

Why these graphic posters were outside Downing Street, i100, 4th March 2015

Abortion protests: Can’t we all just agree harassment of women is wrong?, Luciana Berger MP for the Telegraph, 10th December 2014

Women attending abortion clinics have a right not to be menaced, Yvette Cooper MP for the Independent, 9th December 2014

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Jesus Christ would be ashamed of ‘Christian’ abortion protestors , Telegraph, 20th November 2014