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On Wednesday 1st September 2021, it became illegal to perform an abortion at a gestation of six weeks or higher in Texas.

Women’s access to safe, high quality abortion care should be non-negotiable. Reproductive rights should be moving forwards, not back.

Great Britain currently provides world leading telemedical abortion care for those seeking an early medical abortion. Telemedical abortion care was introduced in April 2020 following temporary approval from the government.

However, the current provisions that allow for telemedical abortion care are time limited and set to end next year.

At a time when women’s reproductive rights are being rolled back elsewhere, it is vital that the government does not reverse the progress that has been made here in the UK. If the permission for telemedical abortion care were to be revoked by the Health Secretary, any woman who uses pills at home could be imprisoned for life under the 1861 Offences Against the Person Act - even the Texas law doesn’t threaten women with that.

Tell your MP to protect access to abortion care in Great Britain now.