I felt intimated and scared to go into the clinic. I felt judged and uncomfortable. Not a nice feeling at all.
If it was my first appointment I probably wouldn’t have come in. I had to phone a family member as I didn’t want to walk past.
A lot of protestors, felt extremely intimidated & suffering from severe anxiety & depression already. These people do not help.
I feel that they do not understand how hard it is to make this decision and their presence makes it so much harder.
When arriving people were outside with signs it made me scared to come in and I was physically shaking. They shouldn’t be allowed to stand outside and people to be made to feel like this.
Having leaflets shoved in my face disregarding a much-thought about decision and being told I’d be ‘prayed for’ is an invasion of privacy in my view tantamount to harassment
I am in a total state, heart pounding. Total disgrace that someone has just started harassing me about abortion. Someone needs to stop this now.
They left a poor girl in tears after speaking to her. I told them it was none of their business. This is extremely upsetting for everyone after having to make such a difficult decision.

The following organisations support ending clinic harassment

Alliance for Choice
Antenatal Results & Choices
Aurora New Dawn
British Medical Association
Doctors for Choice UK
End Violence Against Women Coalition
Everyday Victim Blaming
Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health
FIAPAC (International Federation of Abortion and Contraception Professionals)
Forward UK
Green Party Women
Humanist Society Scotland
Humanists UK
Marie Stopes International
Medical Women’s Federation

Positively UK
Race Equality Foundation
Rape Crisis England & Wales
Reclaim Rosslyn Road
Reproductive Health Matters
Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
Royal College of Midwives
Scottish Women’s Aid
Sister Supporter
Sister Supporter Manchester
Stop Street Harassment
The Fatherhood Institute
University and College Union (UCU)
The Vagina Museum
Women’s Aid
Women’s Resource Centre